Hello all! Welcome to the about page of my Young and Married blog! If you are reading this then you must actually have interest in who I am and what this blog is all about.

So, first I’ll tell you a bit about myself. For anonymity purposes, on this blog I will be known as Mel, short for Mellony or Melanie, whatever floats your boat. I have very impromptu-ly decided that this will be my pen name as it’s a name I’ve always adored. I would like to remain anonymous as most of the people in my life don’t know I’m married as well as I think it’ll be fun to create this online persona. So I am currently 19 and my partner who on this blog will be referred to as Wade is currently 20 but turning 21 later in the year. We have been together since mid-2016 and have been married since early 2017. To hear more about how we met and such, I’ll refer you to my first blog post.

In regards to the content of this blog, some of my posts will touch on mental health and personal opinions, but the main focus will be my continuous journey through the bounties of young marriage and the obstacles that come about through such. I hope you find my posts enjoyable to read and the content of them informative and relatable whether you are married or not. I will be posting on here as often as I please but I’m hoping to get 2 posts in per week.

Anyways, thank you for checking out Young and Married! I’m glad I can share my thoughts and life with anyone who is intrigued.